Nathan Scott West ‘02

nWest2 Nathan Scott West

Bellaire, Texas


Ocean Engineering major

Member of Company C-2




Heart to God, Hand to Man
U.M. Army – Livingston, Mont Belvieu, Huntsville, San Marcos
On my honor, I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country.

I walked to the altar. I was alone when I began to pray. I prayed to the Lord to help me through times of temptation so I wouldn’t give in. I felt a feeling of warmth and security surround me and flow through me. At that moment, I knew for sure I would never be alone. When I opened my eyes I was surrounded by others and felt assured and strong. Afterward, I never felt weak, hopeless or alone again. I also believe I never will.

– Scott West, 7th Grade Church Camp

Scott, I had a lot of fun last weekend. Thanks for teaching me the true meaning of Aggie Spirit and what life is about. I love you. We will go out again soon.

– Kristin West, November 20, 1999
Dear Scott,
This is a letter to tell you about your many good qualities. First, you are loving and sensitive. You are always ready with a hug or kiss. You are patient and kind with younger children. Even as a five or six year old, you could calm a crying baby. You are gentle and patient with animals. Second, you are very competent with tools. Any job that needs to be done, whether out in the yard or in the kitchen, will be worked on with good safety techniques until it is accomplished. Third, you are intelligent. You are interesting to talk to. You are a challenge to play games with. I know that you will someday make me proud when you decide how to use this special gift God gave you. Lastly, you are not afraid to try new things. You approach new skills with the attitude that you can do it and eventually you can.
Love always,
Mom, 1994
The founder of our company once said, “Spend some, give some, and save some.”However, integrity is one of the most important scales by which one is measured by God and his peers.
We love you!
Granddad and Grandmother Lowrie
December 1996
We are so proud to have you as our grandson. We thank God for your life and the joy and happiness you brought us.
With Love,
Grandmom and Granddad West
We lost Scott frequently, as his inquisitive nature frequently led him in directions only he knew about. After recovering him from unknown reaches at one Cub Scout campout and suitably chastising him for being lost, he replied, “I wasn’t lost. You just didn’t know where I was.” You knew where you were at A&M and I know where you are now. When I find the way, although the search will take a lifetime, I will look for you in your Father’s house.
Love, Dad


Proud member of the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets
Squadron 5 – 1998, Company C2 – 1999 “Werewolf”
Scott proudly wore Corps Brass presented to him by his friend, an old Ag, Hal Sharp.

“He was an Aggie,” the Rev. Mark Young said at the funeral at Bellaire United Methodist Church. “That about says it all, there, doesn’t it?”

Dallas Morning News

I hope, now, that you have some idea of how all those little things you did… said… were… had an almost inhuman power to touch lives. Every little smile you gave me seemed like a wealth of acceptance, trust and friendship.

Ginger Price, November 19, 1999

The next memory, the one I am so fond of, is watching him walk down the church hall in uniform, but the main thing I remember is his fresh Aggie haircut. I just had to rub his head! He was so proud to be an Aggie, and we were proud that he was so proud. It means a lot to a fellow Ag to see a new Aggie with so much pride.

Laura Morman, November 20, 1999

Of all the Eagles I have known, Scott had the best grasp of what being an Eagle is all about. He gave back to others what he learned.

John Harris
Scoutmaster, Troop 211
Golden Arrow District Dinner, 2000

Nathan is one of the most honorable individuals I’ve ever known.

Garry Golub, pre-calculus teacher, Westbury High School

I’ve made a lot of friends, but none compared to you.

Your Best Friend, James Chiu, November 1992

I love you man!

– the last message in Scott’s email account, November 1999