Lucas John Kimmel ‘03

lKimmel2 Lucas John Kimmel

Corpus Christi, Texas


Biomedical Science major

Member of Company D-2



Lucas’ love and dedication to God and to his Catholic faith were present in all his activities and pursuits. His philosophy was to put God first in his life, and all else would fall into place. He felt so strongly about this that he had a cross put under the stone in his high school class ring.

He was extremely proud of his family, especially of his role as Uncle to his ten nieces and nephews. Four months after his death, another nephew was born and baptized Alexander Lucas in his honor.

Lucas, an Eagle Scout, loved outdoor activities and spent much of his time participating in them. He hoped to be a veterinarian due to his love for animals, especially his dog, Maverick.

There is living and there is existing. If you are living, life will take your breath. In tasting honey you may get a sting, but life stagnant is worse than death.

Bite into life and let the juice run down. Lives are not measured with chances untook. Enjoy the blooms now, in time they’ll be brown. Chances for lovers are often forsook.

Forget all the past, look not for your fate. Take life by the horns and live for today. Hard times will come if you rush the gate, but interesting people have suffered worse fate.

Take hold of the world and go for a ride, ‘cause not all men live, but everyone dies.

— Lucas John Kimmel

Lucas’ Parents
— James and Walieta Kimmel

Lucas’ Brothers & Sister
— James Irving Kimmel, Jr.
— Christine Lydia (Kimmel) Pieper
— Jonathan Paul Kimmel
— Matthew Lewis Kimmel

Lucas’ Godson
— Jonathan Paul Kimmel, Jr.

Lucas Kimmel Portal Memorial (PDF)