Chad A. Powell ‘03

cPowell2 Chad A. Powell

Keller, Texas


Computer Engineering major

Resident of Fowler Hall


“To everyone whom I never had the opportunity to meet, I’m sure I would have loved to be able to call you a friend.”

– Chad Powell, Valedictory Speech, May, 1999
Son   –   Brother   –  Friend
If you did not have a chance to know Chad, we wanted you to see him through the eyes of his friends and family.
“A model of honor, true character, and loyalty. He honored his life with integrity, his family with love and devotion, his community with leadership, friendship, and service, his God with commitment and passion”
“A born leader, very intelligent, adventurous, fun loving, always thought of others, and he never met a stranger”
“An amazing mind, a loving heart, and a great sense of humor”
“Among his many passions were Scouting, computer programming, rock climbing, playing the guitar, running, Special Olympics, and making people smile”
“An Eagle Scout who lived daily the Scout Oath and Law”
“Did everything with a purpose and inspiring conviction. He just believed in ‘things important’ ”
“Possessed a unique, unbridled enthusiasm for living”
“A person who challenged himself to achieve the extraordinary”

By the way Chad lived his life, he taught us, “It’s not about how much you take. It’s about how much you give.” May the spirit he possessed never pass from our hearts.


Chad Powell Portal Memorial (PDF)