Christopher Lee Heard ‘03

cHeard2 Christopher Lee Heard

Houston, Texas

Freshman, Pre Engineering major

Member of Company K-2


Traditional • Fair • Confident • Competitive • Sociable • Music Lover • Cool • Well Groomed •  Instigator • Organizer • Wit With a Wink • Quiet Wisdom • Big Spender • Observant • Poser • Best Friend • Gentleman • Natural Leader • Outdoorsman • Tough • Family Oriented • Respectful • Country Music Dancer • Appreciative • Loyal • Loving • Mentor • U.S. Marine • Spontaneous • Self-Disciplined • Proud • Handsome

Chris Said…
“Daaaad, Mom, listen to this, you’ll love it!”
“You have to make things count…before you can make things happen.”
“Let me get my music.”
“I believe that perseverance and audacity usually produce a winner.”
“Life is only what you make of it.”
“Blood is thicker than water.”

Christopher Lee Heard was born in Sheridan, Wyoming on February 28th, 1980. The family moved to Texas when he was five years old, and he attended public schools in west Houston for his first nine years. Chris spent three and a half very rewarding high school years at The Marine Military Academy (MMA) in Harlingen, Texas.

Chris was an achiever and worked long, hard hours to graduate among the top students in his high school. He did this while carrying the responsibilities and extra duties that his rank as Company Commander demanded. He attained his goal of earning a Corps scholarship to Texas A&M University and was looking forward to getting past his Fish semester in K- Company so he could become involved in a leadership role again. Chris’ determination and focus were absolute and set an example to inspire others.

Academics and leadership were not all Chris was about. He had a warm personality and unusual enthusiasm. He displayed a strength of character that inspired the trust and respect of his peers. He accepted responsibility willingly and unselfishly helped others. He had a keen sense of humor and was a wry observationist. He loved all types of music, the beach, laughing, smoking cigars and drinking Corona with lime.

Chris was a son that parents pray for and the best brother any older brother could wish for. The spirit of Christopher Lee Heard is that spark of anticipation that lives on in our hearts and makes us look forward to each new day.

“We would stay up for hours just talking and laughing.”
“During those trying times, I felt Chris pushing me, helping me.”
“Chris was a pleasure to teach.”
“Those kids owned that pool.”
“Young women were attracted to Chris for the right reasons.”
“He gave others strength.”
“Chris had more best friends than most of us will ever have friends.”
“He was larger than life.”
“Chris was known as ‘The Professor’…a walking almanac.”
“He’s got that twinkle in the eye.”


Swim Champion • Boy Scout • Brown Belt – Okinawan Karatedo • National Honor Society • Mariner of the Year • President’s & Dean’s Honor Rolls • Alpha Company Commander Captain – JROTC & Swim Team • Youth Physical Fitness and Boxing Teams • National Sojourners’ Americanism Award • American Legion Bronze Scholastic Medal • Sharpshooter • MMA Outstanding Senior of the Year • Texas A&M Corps of Cadets Scholarship Recipient

Remembering November 18th…

Chris felt excitement in his heart that November night looking out over the lights of College Station and the campus from high up on stack. He had called home earlier that evening and told Mom & Dad about he and his roommate joining the Marines that afternoon. Nearly through his Fish semester, Chris couldn’t wait to get on with achieving more of his goals and was proud to be involved in the Bonfire tradition.

When he felt the stack shift, Chris’ last words were to shout a warning to others working below him. As Chris passed upward in this great circle of life, we know his heart was content with the love of his family and knowledge of his own self worth. Although Chris’ memory lives in our hearts every day, we are all blessed with a special occasion each year on this date that reminds us of the bright spirits of he and eleven other fellow Aggies with a sparkling tribute across the night sky.

— Les & Andrea Heard, Jason & Amy Heard

Christopher Heard Portal Memorial (PDF)