Jerry Don Self ‘01

 jSelf2 Jerry Don Self

Arlington, Texas


Engineering Technology major

Member of Squadron 17


“If others could only give like he gave, love like he loved, and live like he lived, what a wonderful place this would be.”

“His smile, his hugs, and above all, his red long johns that he insisted on wearing to his flag football games.”

“Remember the time I asked you why you were smiling? And you said, ‘I told myself a joke.’ What a silly guy!”

“He was my buddy. He was my baby. He was my hero.” —Dad

“Words cannot express the love, joy, and happiness that he brought into my life. I especially miss our conversations that always ended with ‘I love you mama.’”

Jerry loved…


“He talked about becoming a youth minister, working hard to become more ‘Christ-like.’”

“He loved God so much; you would often wonder how he had time to do all that he did and still make time for God, but that’s how he was: He had a servant’s heart, and that’s how he lived his life: by God and for God.”


“He had a desire to make Squadron #17 better. He did what he believed to be right, and he earned the respect of those around him.”

“To all of us, he was like a big brother. He embodied everything that a Corps cadet should be. He could lead, he could follow, and he could teach.”


“Visions of you at camp with kids hanging off of you like tinsel on a Christmas tree and how excited you were the first time a fourth grader told you that he wanted to accept Christ.”

“He loved those kids and, WOW, did they love him! He did a routine to ‘Brick House’ and all the little girls would just scream! It was incredible watching him work with kids, as his eyes literally would sparkle. You could see God working through him. It was phenomenal.”


“He was a very caring and selfless person. I don’t think he realized how many lives he brightened each day with his kind smile and actions.”

“His loyalty and compassion was obvious through the steadfast friendships he offered to many. He took the initiative to look past people’s faults and see their hearts, and cared for the hearts he saw. He was intriguing to so many, and drew people to come closer to him, to know him more.”


“He sang really loud and really bad.”

“I never have learned so much from one individual; having faith in your beliefs, being true to yourself as well as a good Christian, living life to the fullest with every given moment you have and most of all, dance like you’ve never danced before.”


Jerry Self Portal Memorial (PDF)