Bonfire Memorial Dedication Remarks

For Aggies who participated in Bonfire, the meaning and power of the Aggie Spirit is understood. The Bonfire Memorial seeks to share that understanding with respect, remembrance and spirit.

When the Bonfire Memorial was dedicated in November, 2004, Texas A&M President Robert Gates began by saying:

“This memorial is a special place where Aggies always will remember those lost and injured in the tragedy of 1999 and throughout the history of Bonfire. We celebrate their lives and the unique Aggie Spirit represented by Bonfire: a Spirit that gave light to our darkest hours; a Spirit that unites the Texas A&M family; a Spirit that will endure in all those who come here; a Spirit that must burn brightly forever.”

Matthew Josefy, 2003-2004 Student Body President followed with his remarks:

“We will once again be able to step into a circle of unity.
We will be able to journey down the path in the footsteps of these remarkable students.
We will be able to see their faces and witness the signatures that they left on this place.
We have opened the doorway for others to share in our grief but also to attempt to understand our Spirit.
We have etched a place in the landscape of our campus, just as they have permanently etched a place in the landscape of our hearts.
And we remember and honor our comrades in a way that only this community can.”

After these introductory remarks were offered, the following spoke: