Jeremy Richard Frampton ‘99

jFrampton2 Jeremy Richard Frampton

Turlock, California


Psychology major

Former member of Company D-1



“Jeremy had a passion for art. His art was poetry. The way he viewed life was in many ways the art of poetry. The way he lived his life was like gentle poetry.” – Zac Frampton

The Purpose of Life
– Jeremy Frampton

Why look for reason
there is no cause
Why try to find a purpose
there may be none at all
Take whatever there is
and make the most
And if there is nothing
make your own
And while you are loving to live
a reason will become
and a purpose will appear
making all the more reason to go on

– Jeremy Frampton

If I stare long enough
If I talk hard enough
If I touch soft enough
If I look good enough
If I love deep enough
Will I live long enough
To love life enough

Dear Mom,

When the Corps of Cadets leaders knew we were going to make it, they gave us this piece of brass to wear on our uniform. It symbolizes every lesson I have ever learned in my childhood. I am giving this to you. It doesn’t look like much, but there is one thing I’ve learned. Sometimes the plainest things mean the most. When I’m away, you can pick this up and remember everything we’ve been through. I love you very much. Thank you.

Love, Jeremy Richard Frampton
Mother’s Day, 1996

“Jeremy taught me to laugh, he taught me to hug, he taught me about God, he taught me forgiveness, and most of all, in his memory he taught me to love with all of my heart all of the time.” – Sarah Masingale Schager

“…a young man who crossed all boundaries when reaching out in friendship to others.” – Rod Hollars

“Tall and Handsome…a Huge Smile…a Calming Voice…a Slow Walk…a Sheltered Hug…a Man who never lost his Tender Heart and Easiness from his childhood” – Uncle Jeff

“Jeremy was so loving and kind to everyone. Any time we ever saw Jeremy, he always had that wonderful smile and a big hug for us. We miss him very much. We know where he is and we are looking forward to seeing him one of these days.” – MiMi and PaPa Vercelli

“Jeremy’s sense of humor was bright, quick, and earthy. He will always be my friend as well as my son.” -Dad

“John 15:13 says: ‘Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.’ I was a part of Jeremy in life, and he remains a part of me.” – Corban Moore

Jeremy Frampton Portal Memorial (PDF)