Bryan A. McClain ‘02

 bMcclain2 Bryan A. McClain

San Antonio, Texas


Agriculture major

Member of Squadron 2



“You were a great friend to everyone. Your dedication, your heart and your perseverance were the best we’ve ever seen. We’ll never forget your smile, your jokes, all the crazy things you did and the warmth of your hugs.”

his bright, sparkling eyes,

his crooked, irresistible grin,

his infectious laugh, and

his confident manner.

“If you ask me what I came into this world to do, I will tell
you. I came to live out loud.” —Emile Zola

At the time of Bryan’s death, it was said by many that he had put more into his 19 years of life than a person 80 years old. Bryan was never silent, nor was he ever still. He was full of energy and enthusiasm. Bryan threw himself into every activity with gusto. He never saw a stranger, nor did he ever turn his back if someone needed help. Everyone loved him!

Bryan gave glory, honor, and praise to God every day of his life.

Attending Texas A&M had been a dream of Bryan’s since he was a small child. Bryan was pursuing a degree in Entomology, the study of insects. He was affectionately known by his friends as “Bug Boy.” At Texas A&M, Bryan was a proud member of the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets Air Force Squadron 2, also known as Gator 2.

Music held a very special place in Bryan’s heart. He mastered the piano and the acoustical guitar. He loved music of every kind—rock, jazz, blues, Texas music, country…

Bryan also loved the outdoors! He would grab every opportunity he could to go fishing, hunting, deer watching, swimming, or hiking. The outdoors fed Bryan’s soul.

Bryan spent his summers as a lifeguard and swim instructor to the young people in his community. He was known as a “tough” coach, but he made swim lessons fun. He would spend hours playing water games with the kids, watching over each child as if they were his own.

Bryan, you were a great son, grandson, brother, nephew, cousin, and friend. Having you in our lives was such a blessing! We will always remember how you lived…and how you died. Living life for what it was worth—having fun and seeing that everyone else had fun. You will never be forgotten! Bryan, we love you and miss you so much…

June 9, 1980 – November 18, 1999

Bryan McClain Portal Memorial (PDF)